Product Information

On this page, you will find more detailed information on our entire range of products.

As recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), all of our cotton masks are triple layered, which includes a washable, reusable and replaceable Polypropylene filter. Spare filters can be found in our Accessories section.

We have lots of different mask designs and ALL of our Masks are available in four different sizes. Just select the appropriate size when ordering. ​

We also offer two different types of ties with our masks.

  1. Around your ears

  2. Behind your head

Option 1 is the most popular, but if you have a hearing aid, sensitive ears, or just prefer a different fit, Option 2 could be the way to go.

Either way, we provide a generous amount of elastic, which can be adjusted to your comfort.


Please note that when we send out your mask(s), we only tie the elastic loosely so that it is easy for you to make any required adjustments.

Please be aware that the filters are not stitched into the mask so that they can be removed for ironing, otherwise they will melt! This does mean that the filters can detach from the mask during washing, so we recommend using a separate laundry bag for keeping your masks and filters together.

Please note: Although our masks conform with current WHO guidance, these masks are not medical grade.

H&H 1

All of our fabric designs are available as handmade soft Glasses Case designs, which are designed to protect your glasses from scratches and bumps when stored in your bag or pocket. 

Our Glasses Cases are made with a 100% cotton outer in the design of your choice, with a fleece inner lining to protect your glasses from bumps and scratches.

The Glasses Cases come in one size (approx. 200mm x 90mm), which is generous enough to fit virtually all spectacles and sunglasses. All cases come complete with a colour coordinated popper to keep them closed. 

Scrub Caps

Our Scrub Caps are made from a 100% Cotton material to allow them to be washed at 60 degrees. To ensure an easy & comfortable fit, we use quality elastic at the back with generously long ties.

Furthermore, the seams are finished with an Overlocker. This makes sure that there are no 'raw' edges to fray, ensuring a longer-lasting cap.

Hounds & Butterflies

Tote Bags

Our Tote Bags are made from 100% Cotton (outer & lining) as well as double stitched 38mm width herringbone cotton webbing handles for comfort, strength & durability.


Our bags are a good size as well and measure a generous 15'' wide x 15.5'' deep (approx. 38cm x 39.5cm), which easily fits an A4 file and even most laptops.

-oh, and there's even a little loop on the inside for hanging them up!


Cushion Covers

Our cushion covers are made with 100% cotton front and have a coordinating plain 100% or high cotton content back with a pillow case flap closing. This makes it easy to remove the covers and has the added bonus of no zips to poke you in the back!

Each cover measures 40cm x 40cm and are suitable for a 35cm plumptious cushion or a flatter 40cm feather cushion. .

hounds & butterflies
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Our Make Remover pads come in packs of 6 and are made from 100% Cotton Sighthound patterned tops with beautifully soft Bamboo Terry Towelling pads, all sourced from the UK, with many of the materials bought locally thus supporting local businesses and minimising the environmental impact. The pads measure a generous 8.5cm x 8.5cm, with high quality towelling that, at 370gsm, is more than thick enough for all your cleansing requirements.

Suitable for washing at 30 degrees, the pads can also be rinsed under a luke-warm tap after use

Bamboo Terry Towelling is durable, quick drying and very absorbent. It has a soft silky texture similar to cashmere and is breathable and extremely comfortable against the skin. It's more absorbent than cotton and dries faster. The towelling we use is made from environmentally friendly woven Bamboo, which is fast growing, biodegradable and can be cultivated naturally without the need for pesticides. 

Each pack contains six (6) Makeup Remover Pads,