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Caring for the Environment

All of our items are washable & reusable, and the majority of our fabrics are sourced locally, allowing us to support local businesses and minimise our environmental impact.  Our packaging is recyclable and we even use recyclable & compostable packing tape! In keeping with this ethos, we offer a Gift Wrapping service that uses recyclable wrapping paper that is made from a combination of recycled paper & trees from sustainable forests. There is even the option to use recyclable paper string instead of ribbon! 


Washable & Reusable

All of the products sold on this site are washable and reusable - there are no single use or disposable items here!


All of our packaging is recyclable, even the packing tape and sellotape! There is no plastic used whatsoever!

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Sustainable Energy

Renewable Energy

We're on a 100% Green Energy Electricity Tariff - simple!

Gift Wrapping

It's not just our packaging that is kind to the planet.


Our quality gift wrapping is made from a combination of recycled & sustainably sourced materials, and not only is it fully recyclable, it is also compostable!

In addition, we offer a choice of very pretty, fully recyclable paper string as an alternative to ribbon, finished off with a recyclable tag.


(if you do choose ribbon, we'd encourage you to save it and reuse it for future gifts!)

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