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Dog Travel Blankets

Travel / Picnic Blankets for your precious Hound! Perfect for days out with your dog, giving them something soft & clean to curl up on whilst you enjoy a picnic, coffee or even a glass of something bubbly!

These soft reversible fleece blankets are double layered with a patterned fleece design on one side and a contrasting plain fleece on the other side. They come complete with a cotton tie so they can be rolled or folded up for travel.

We offer three different sizes:

Small: 70cm x 50cm
Medium: 80cm x 65cm
Large: 100cm x 80cm

Note: As these are handmade, the actual sizes may vary slightly and the cotton tie may vary in colour (although they will always be a matching or contrasting colour).

Note: Due to the high cost of international postage, these blankets are only available in the UK.