Cushion Covers

We think these Sighthound Cushion Covers look fab! Available in all of our fabrics, these 100% Cotton Cushion Covers have a coordinating plain cotton back with a pillow case flap closing, so no zips to poke you in the back!

If you want a Greyhound Cushion cover, Whippet Cushion cover or any other type of Sighthound Cushion Cover, we should have a design for you! Some of these are our own exclusive designs, not available anywhere else.

Each Cusion cover measures 40cm x 40cm and is suitable for a 35cm plumptious cushion or a flatter 40cm feather cushion. If you do want a different size, please get in touch using the email addresss in the page footer or click on the menu button and select the 'contact us' option.

Each design is available in packs of 1, 2 ,3 or 4 (with multi-buy discounts of course!).

If you would like to mix designs, please get in touch and we will ensure you enjoy the same discounts!)

For more detailed information, please go to our product information page.

Perfect for Sighthound fans who want a Greyhound Cushion Cover, Lurcher Cushion Cover, Whippet Cushion Cover, Galgo Cushion Cover or Podenco Cushion Cover!

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