About The Sighthound Store​

  • We started out making masks, but quickly expanded into other products as a result of customer suggestions. We originally operated as Hand-madebyHelen.com but over the months it became apparent that most of our customers were Sighthound fans, just like us! It was an easy decision to rebrand as The Sighthound Store and focus on Sighthound themed items.

  • We're passionate about our Pointy-nosed friends! We've adopted four of our own but unfortunately, we've now run out of sofa space, so I'm not allowed any more for the time being  

  • Everything we sell on our website is Sighthound themed, so whether you want a gift for yourself or for that special someone in your life, whether they be a Lurcher Lover, a Whippet Worshipper or a Saluki Swooner (don't worry, I've finished now!) we have something for you!

  • We give 50p from every item sold to the amazing 112 Carlota Galgos charity so you can be assured that every purchase makes a difference. 

  • We're a family business and we believe in providing good quality products at the best possible price. Everything is Sighthound themed, and we have Sighthound gifts, including Greyhound gifts, Galgo gifts, Whippet gifts, Lurcher gifts and Saluki gifts.

  • We hand-make almost all of our products ourselves  (although we do use an electric sewing machines - the Singer was just too slow!). This includes Masks, Scarves, Scrub Caps, Tote Bags, Cushion Covers, Coasters, BandanasGlasses Cases.  A good friend hand makes the Greetings Cards and although we may not make the mouse mats ourselves, but the design is all us!

  • We've kept our pricing structure simple with most items in each product range the same price. 

  • We do everything ourselves (including this website - sorry!). This helps us keep our costs to a minimum, allowing us to provide great value as well as great quality.

  • Environmentally Responsible: we do our upmost to minimise our impact on the environment by:

    • Selling washable, reusable & recyclable products. No one-use or disposable items here!

    • Our packaging is fully recyclable. This even includes the packing tape and sellotape. No plastic!

    • Using eco-friendly gift wrapping paper. There is even an option to use very pretty recyclable paper string instead of ribbon to 'tie off' the wrapped gift. 

    • Using Green Electricity from 100% renewable sources.

  • We don't share or sell your details to any other company. Your details are used solely for processing your order and if you agree to it, sending you the occasional email.

  • We do not bombard you with emails with meaningless offers. If we do send you an email, it will be with genuine news or offers.

      Helen x

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